Ayers Rock Cave

Mixed media on 2-24"x48" birch panels

Acrylic, gouache, pigmented ink, and color penciltext.

Mixed media on 36"x 60" birch panel

Acrylic, gouache, pigmented ink, and color pencil

Mixed media 24"x48" birch panel

Acrylic, gouache, pigmented ink, and color pencil
Beautiful Day in Tuscany

Colored Pencil on 30"x56" 140lb hot press paper

Tahitian Treat

Pastel on 24"x36" Fabriano Uno

Bloody 95

Mixed media on 42"x48" Arches 140lb hot press paper

Gouache and pigmented ink
 Tree Near Siena

colored pencil on 30"x48" Arches 140lb hot press watercolor paper

I was born and raised in Glens Falls, NY and have studied art for over 30 years. During grade school, my passion for learning and experimenting with a multitude of traditional and non-traditional mediums was ignited. While attending Cazenovia College for illustration, I began to create and develop my own personal style of art. I have used various materials and techniques to create art that is unique and visually appealing.  
My primary inspiration has been nature, color, and design. This has led me to create art that consists mostly of large color field landscapes with strong design elements. Specializing in a multitude of media, I  utilize such materials as gouache, acrylic, colored pencil, pastel, epoxy resin, watercolor, and pigmented ink to create my original paintings. My style has a strong aesthetic appeal and flow with a sense of playfulness. 
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Acrylic on 3-36"x48" canvases
Monument Valley

Acrylic on 36"x60" canvas
Red Tuscan Long View

Acrylic on 2- 18"x24" and 1- 20x24" museum board panels

Beautiful Yellow Day

Acrylic on 2-24"x20 birch panels

Acrylic on 20"x30" canvas

New Zealand Bay

Pastel on 56"x44" 140lb hot press paper

On The Way To NYC

Acrylic on 48"x60" canvas
Tuscan Long View

Pigmented ink on60"x26"  Arches 140lb hot press paper

Big Bro

Mixed media on 24"x48" birch panel

Acrylic, gouache, pigmented ink, colored pencil
Tuscan Blue View

Acrylic on24"X38" canvas
Tuscan View

Mixed Media on 24"x48" Arches 140lb hot pressed watercolor paper

Pigmented ink and color pencil
Somewhere in New Zealand

Acrylic on 2- 48"60" canvas
Dreams Come True

Pigmented ink on 58"x36" Arches 140lb hot press water color paper
Da Bomb

Acrylic on 36"60" canvas
Somewhere in New Zealand

Acrylic on 2 48"x60" canvases
Dancing in the Moonlight
Recycled Mixed Media